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I knew I wanted to be a psyhic when I was five years old.  I began studying astrology when I was 8 and metaphysics since I was 23.  As a child I would have premonotory dreams that taught me to prepare for what was to come, what I needed to learn and hopefully transcend.  I was raised as a Methodist Christian, thankful for my early education with Christ and what He stands for.  I bear His name, His compassion and unconditional love for humanity.  May He as well as the spiritual masters and archangels be present with me when I read.  I appreciate and value Buddhism.  However, I respect all religions, but ally myself only with the Goddess within.  I am a clairvoyant; I see visons, pictures, places and people.  I am a clairaudient; I hear.  I often hear names of those associated around you, but not in my control.  I am a medium.  Sometimes those who have passed show up, again, not in my control.  

I am a clairsentient/empath.  I feel your organs and pain of your physical body, even if you are far away.  I feel what other's feel.  I am keenly aware of vibrational alignment and how the law of attraction applies to your life.  Luckily, with all the sensitivitiy I have, I employ logic.  I am a love doctor at heart.  I always pray, meditate and clear my chakra's before I begin my day.

By using Astrology, intuition, and non-violent communication, I can go into to a Corporate environment, as well as work with couples to serve as a mediator to assist in healing difficult dynamics.  Astrology is amazing when it comes to knowing where people's unconscious triggers are: therefore a logistical plan can be implemented in striving to develop compassion, sensitivity and awareness.  Letting go of the history and forgiveness everyday is truly the key.     

I have been professionally in business since 1993 and started reading palms and cards out of a Chinese Restaurant, Louie's Cuisine.  Upon reading the fortunes, I decided to put my philosophy to work and now write intuitive, provocative applicable fortunes for Aleks Pollner's porceline cookies in places such as the Frye Museum, Lucca, and Object as well as other retail venues.

I have completed two years at Astrology Et Al and continue my education by attending the Norwac Conference every year since 1997 to keep up on the science.  I am a member of WSAA (Washington State Astrological Association) and attend monthly meetings, classes, etc.  I do phone readings accross the world, as well as live appointments in my space in the Pike Place Market.  

I have read at psychic fairs accross the state of Washington and began working on the phone in 1997.  I opened a space in the Pike Place Market in July 2000.

I have a B.A. in English Literature.  I studied Film in Seattle, as well as gaining a Screenwriting Certificate in a two year program at the UW extension program.  

I am a medical intuitive, although not a doctor.   I can feel the body and where the energy centers or chakra's are out of alignment.  I prefer that people are sober when I do a reading.  I am also very sensitive to smells, so please go light on perfume.

I always seek to empower, encourage and heal with love.  If you are interested in participating in an intuitive, palmistry or astrological class, please notify me by email.


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