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Astrology has been used as a tool for guidance since before the birth of Christ and has been used a technique to reveal many things: medicine, the timing of events, elections, investments, royalty, opportunities and obstacles to success and joy, as well as how people relate to one another. Astrology is a science that can help you understand the mythical journey into the unconscious and subconscious motivations. It's a blueprint to the soul, a doorway to the inner-self. Astrology communicates in symbols and nature's own elements, which opens to an archetypal journey where the soul beckons to soar. The horoscope of a person is a mandala, an instrument of meditation, a symbol of individuation, and a wheel of life.

The spokes on the wheel carry the map of the contracts you will meet on your journey, which express themselves through the energies and guidance of people and events we meet at the appropriate hour when the soul is ready for its next assignment. It is a veritable guide to lead you back to your center, to wholeness. The wheel reveals how a person thinks, emotes, relates, what they value, how they go about getting their emotional and physical needs met; essentially, how they operate. It also reveals contracts to parents, siblings, others, what talents and hidden traits await.

The Nodal position unveils what innate wisdom the soul came with, what has been familiar, what patterns has been established from birth and also previous lives to master and evolve. The Nodal positions are an important beacon to pilot the higher self, where freedom encounters optional, not mandatory transcendence of one's personal limitations. By using Synastry or a Composite Chart, two individuals can surmise how to deepen their relationship by acceptance of whom the other person is, and how they may affect them. When comparing two charts, there are many elements that come into play. Sun-sign based astrology is limited in that it only reveals what the persona or ego projects into the world.

There are many aspects and dynamics that interplay within the chart, revealing how one interacts in a relationship. To assess whether a person is compatible or not based on simply a person's sun sign is missing all the other aspects in relation to the whole. There are so many levels and details to a chart that make up more than just the personification of one's Sun sign. Synastry is an aid to identify the complexities of relationships. It can indicate potential hopes, fears, harmony and discord, motives, and the illusions of the relationship.

These related souls are karmic contracts that open us up to our greatest gifts as well as our darkest shadows. This is where the opportunity arises to discover who we are, how we function in relationship, how to cultivate compassion, patience, and deeper acceptance of oneself and others, impelling the soul to vibrate at an elevated level and a higher octave in love.


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