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I've been going to Darleen for years now, and sometimes I play back our recorded sessions on my phone and I'm still stunned by how dead-on she was in retrospect. I always have a birthday reading done, since mine is at the start of the new year anyway. She's honestly helped me become unstuck far too many times I'd like to acknowledge, and has at times been the push I needed to keep moving forward in life. She doesn't "tell the future" like so many people inaccurately expect of a clairvoyant, but she sort of tells the highest truth. It's up to you whether you want to hear it. At this point, whether she knows it or not, I consider her my spirit guide. I'm glad I met her.

- Alicia

Darleen came in to my office and did readings for everyone. No one disliked the readings. She made some people cry and freaked out others. I personally was very satisfied with my reading. I had never done this before and no one else in my office had been read either. Everyone had an "errie" experience. She got about 90% of things right for the whole group! No one gets that high of a rating! I would love to have a private reading with my best friend soon!

- Jessica Schuh

I've been going to Darleen for almost 10 years, off and on. She provides me counseling which alleviates any anxieties regarding my future. When I first met her, it was kinda as a joke with a friend from work. However, we quickly both realized (in separate sessions) that this lady was legitimate and gifted. She has not only predicted significant life-changing events and relationship issues but she has eased my mind often and allowed me to ease into change and conflict situations. She keeps the path lit for me to move ahead spiritually and emotionally. I highly recommend that you at least open your mind and give her a chance. However, I feel that if your walls are up and you're resistant to hearing your life's journey - you may not get what you want out of it. You have to be open and welcoming! She makes that easy to do.

- Corrie

I had the pleasure of having a reading done with my lady present as well. The reading was insightful, fun, and a lot of laughs. She is not a reader of doom and gloom, but simply what she sees and interrupts. She was spot on with my lady, and it was hard for my lady to swallow......but I believe she will become a better person for I'm not one to recommend people at the drop of a hat, however, she really did hit on a few topics that only WE knew about. If you want a GOOD, HONEST reading.....then this is your person. Look no farther........I give her two thumbs up....or 5 Stars........I came all the way from Arizona, and I wasn't disappointed, neither will you.......

- Brian Selleck

We had a wonderful experience meeting with Darlene. Her location was very easy to find based on the instructions given. Her environment was very peaceful and welcoming. Within the first few minutes of our reading, she said things that there was no way she could had previously known, including picking up on a recent lung issue that was found in my husbands lung. Very accurate, right on with most all things she said, or if things were a bit confusing on how to interpret, she helped walk us through it. She gave us her full attention and seemed very genuine with her delivery. We would definitely go see her again and recommend her to others.

- Lesley

I have been wanting to do this for the past 25 years or so and had not ever followed through with this. And for the past couple of years, my step-daughter has been very interested to do this, as well, and we wanted to initially have our first readings to be in person so we thought we would be able to make sure we would be understanding everything. We weren't having any success in finding some one in central Washington, but on this trip to Seattle we thought to check before we left and had this on our minds to accomplish before returning home. Darleen Christopher impressed us with just listening to her message greeting and we both knew, that instance, she was the one we wanted to see!
As soon as we walked in, went through introductions, Darleen's actions confirmed, she is the one. Her vast knowledge of all of the different formats, was very apparent and I felt my excitement rise, yet was very comfortable and became quite at ease and able to focus on her words, listening to Darleen patiently explain, instruct and guide me through what she was seeing, opening my mind and eyes to many things I suspected would play in to just as many new things I hadn't thought about or from another angle than I was seeing it, giving me a far more intricate perspective to proceed with as I continue on with wanting to reach another phase in my life!
When our time concluded, I didn't want to stop talking with her and was feeling like she had become a close, dear friend, who I look forward to visiting again soon! Thank you Darleen, for everything!

- Bob (Robert) Bruggman

A very accurate reading. She mentioned things that were true and she had no way of knowing them. Very informative... Will definitely have to see her again soon.

- Monica

For anyone wanting an amazing & wonderful experience that they will not soon forget. I am here to recommend Darleen Christopher as a truly gifted psychic, tarot reader, palm reader, etc.....
I have had many readings from various psychics over the past 20 years & consistent readings from
Darleen over the past 10 plus years. I keep returning to Darleen because I know she comes from
truth & care for her clients.

Darleens readings are right on the mark with visions & statements about my life that no one other than
an authentic gifted psychic could possibly know. I feel fortunate that our paths crossed & I look forward to many more readings that are helpful & positively life changing for me.

I highly recommend to anyone visiting the Pike Place Market to visit Darleen @ her beautiful space in
the Pike Place Market or to schedule an appointment for a phone reading. You will leave fulfilled, inspired & grateful that you did something very special for yourself.

- SAndy Echehe

I couldn't believe my reading! This is what I needed to start the grieving process of my father and grandmother passing. She mentioned situations and things I have been seeing the last four months that no one would know but me! It was incredible the details and names she knew of the people who passed and details about them that know of knows but me or close family. Thank you and I will be getting a follow up reading ASAP!

- Stevie Rae Hill

Darleen is incredible! I had a quick reading in Seattle over a year ago that blew my mind and then recently called after my mom unexpectedly passed. The things she was able to tell me were unreal - it was exactly what I needed, and so spot-on and accurate in what she could see and hear. I highly recommend her to everybody! Life-changing, it is clear that she is the real deal! She also has an amazing delivery and aura and vibe, so calming and kind, yet honest and real. I still can't believe how deep my reading was and what Darleen was able to see, hear, and communicate to me!

- Kerri O.

My first reading I've ever had done was done here at Christopher's Lamp. I loved the atmosphere, and the readings that I got with my friend was very insightful. It also opened up many thoughts about the steps I should take towards my future; and I learned about myself, my potential, my love life, and my family, and from experience I know Darleen Christopher is great at what she does.

- Teddy Hart

I've had other readings before but this one took the cake. I knew she was telling me the truth and connecting with me on a powerful level. When she brought up my passed grandfather and his name and my fathers name it was amazing and left me in tears and speechless. She is an absolutely wonder person and after this reading I completely trust her and value her wisdom and guidance. I pray that I will be able to take her wisdom and change things for myself for the better. And the next time I'm visiting seattle I will see her again. She's worth it!

- Lisa


- Brad Jones

I have been receiving readings from Darlene on occasion for about 6 years (probably 10-13 readings in total). I have always found her to be incredibly accurate and professional. She has amazing insight and sensitivity. As another reviewer wrote and what I also love about her is "she doesn't give you what you want to hear, she gives it to you right." You get the truth... an open, honest, trusted description of my truth. She is a gifted psychic and a gifted counselor. Darlene has been a wonderful support for me over the years and I will continue to consult her in my near future. I highly recommend her.

- Kristina K, Edmonds, Wa

I went to Christopher Lamp yesterday afternoon and it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. She knew everything about my life - my career, my family, my past and present experiences. She completely described the person I am dating's physical appearance. She even saw a few people that I was going to be spending time with that evening. It was so good that I did another reading right after my first one. It was such a powerful experience. I should have been scared on how accurately she could see the details of my life; however, she is such a loving person that she made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Darleen. It's worth the money I paid. I plan on going to her again. If you do the tarot cards, I recommend shuffling them for yourself and really allow yourself to be completely open to the experience. I noticed that if I was resisting in anyway during the reading, it was the time she couldn't see things clearly with my life. If you feel uncomfortable with that, I would recommend going with the chart or palm readings.

- Tiffany M. Los Angeles, CA

My reading was awesome! I have been going through a lot had a lot of uncertainties but Darleen was spot on. My reading help me on many levels to put me on the correct path I should be on in life. *take a pen & paper* you'll want to write everything down :)

- Jessie B. Everett, WA

Yesterday, I had a telephone reading with Darlene. I've never had a reading like this. My reading was enlighten on many levels I found her to be VERY spot on Accurate & Honest and she delivered her messages in a graceful manner. i highly recommend Darlene and look forward to my next reading.

- Stacey S. Boston, MA

I have seen Darleen before and had a phone reading with her recently that requires a follow up review. I have been trying to break my lease on a horrible home and was pulling my hair out when I called Darleen. She didn't have much time so she gave me 15 minutes gratis! In that time she told me that my lawyer would find a loophole some kind of out a strong legal position. She told me not to worry. I am 29 weeks pregnant and the situation was dire. A few days later my lawyer contacted me and told me there was an error in the lease that allows us to treat it as a month to month. I am now able to break my 2 year lease without negative consequences and I can get my deposit back. I was in such a terrible place! I felt trapped and depressed. Darleen once again shed her light on the situation and gave me the hope I needed to hang on a bit longer. Accuracy detail and incredible spiritual insight. Darleen is the BEST!!!!

- Christina S

I've seen Darleen a handful of times for the past 8 years and every single time, she amazes me with her accuracy. All her predictions for me have come true, maybe not right away, but after awhile and looking back at a reading, I'm like "whoa, Darleen said this would happen".... I have recommended her to ALL my friends and family - the ones that have seen her share the same sentiments as I do and have had nothing but a great experience.

- Anne S.

I had been sckeptical about psychic readings since I had some bad experiences before. However, when I saw her photo, there was some positive energy which gave me faith. And my intuition did not prove me wrong.

She was awesome. First of all, she has this positive aura about her which is warm and soothing. Then, her visions and readings are deep and insightful. She does not try to predict a lot; however, she identifies the crux of the matter and conveys it to her. She also is very gentle in offerring a possible solution. She does not come across as an authority figure trying to convince that she is seeing it right. She keeps the energy channel open and sends love which in itself is a great starting point for solution.

I am really happy that I called her. My wife also called her later and she had a wonderful experience and guidance as well.

- NVL Sateesh

Thank you also for your was amazing to hear you describe my mom, myself, and my dad and his family. I would love to come back again soon.

- Kim Lee

During one of my readings, Darleen mentioned that I would be getting a new car. Well, I had recently purchased a brand new car (within the last year) and I loved it and had no plans of getting a new one anytime soon so, of course, I didn't believe it. Then I thought...I'm in the car business and surrounded by new cars everyday, maybe that is what she is picking up on? "Nope!, she says...I see you getting a new car". Well, hmmm now I'm freaking out thinking mine will soon be stolen or involved in accident and I'll need to get another one? "Nope again! as Darleen was not seeing any mishaps in my future. Well, about 4 or 5 months go by and Mercedes comes out with an employee program that not only made a new MB affordable but would reduce my current car payment by $233 per month! I would have been a fool not to take advantage of that program and just like Darleen predicted...I got a new car!! I especially love the times when I think she is way off base and am proven wrong because it confirms that I am not wasting my money on some fly-by-night psychic...Darleen is the REAL DEAL!

- Karin Hoffman

Darlene is warm, caring and a consummate professional. I was referred to her by a coworker in the Seattle area so I do phone readings with her. She is incredible! Without ever having met me, she told me about a medical condition I have. She also told me the name of someone that came up in my reading and the next day, I was contacted by the person whose name she saw. She has been extremely helpful in guiding me along the right path in both personal and business relationships. Her insight is invaluable!

- Chellescuba

Amazingly Accurate! I have known Darleen for many years and believe her to be a very accurate and gifted psychic. She offers great spiritual wisdom in a compassionate and loving way. She has helped me in so many ways with relationships, as well as business transactions.

- Keen Member

Darleen has been very accurate. I would say 90%+. I have been talking with her for over 5 years. She has helped me with many life decisions. More importantly she has helped me become a better person. She has also been helpful to many of my friends and coworkers. Highly recommended.

- Ed B

While going thru one of the most difficult times in my life I came to Darleen she has been very good at guiding me. Darleen's accuracey is some times a little unerving and it always gives me something to think about after a reading with her. Darleen has never taken advantage of me as could easily be done when someone like me who is really trying to get thru a very dfficult situation. She is warm and caring and really understands and wants to help. She really hits the nail on the head with her readings. she truly has a gift and has a really sweet spirit about her. she has a positive out look which is hard to fake, at least over time. I have been going to her for several months off and on now. I really enjoy her and she has been a great comfort and help to me.

- Kyle

Right ON I went in there with my roommate for an astrology reading. We both had our separate reading. She was accurate on both of our charts, our major life defining timings and offered very useful advice for our questions. I found her to be polite, detail and knowledgeable. Overall, a great experience. She would definitely be on my list to visit her again.

- Annie 6887

Absolute Best Intuitive Darleen is the absolute best intuitive. We discovered her through one of our close friends. Her ability to be both accurate and deliver information tactfully is impressive. She tuned in without us telling her anything. I felt like I didn't even have to say anything and she laid out all the information that I needed to know. So happy to get a reading from her. Will come back again. Thank you.

- Laura

I've been going to darlene for a little over 5 years now. She told me things that i would have never believed would happen in my life but sure enough they happened. Something great about Darlene is her upbeat positive attitude towards life and her, i must say, memory...there was a break of possibly almost 20 months when i havent seen her or talked to her and she remembered me when i requested a reading. I must say quite impressive considering the amount of people she has seen during that break. In closing she is a great person to get a reading from so far no complaints and i'm sure none to come in the future :) .

- Leo

The first time I ventured to Seattle to seek spiritual guidance from Darleen it was my perception that I would probably be giving away money; but I was wrong. Within the first ten minutes of my encounter with Darleen it had become clear that this unique woman was profound in the art of spinning magical wheels of both insight as well as healing. Right away she was able to tell that I had just concieved, and told me that I would have a son; eight months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Also, three years prior to this encounter I had lost my father to diabetes, and unfortionately, him and I were not on the best of terms when he passed away. Darleen was able to get in touch with his spirit and even went as far as to provide me with intimate details that only my father and I would know; such as us playing the guitar together, and the gift I had wanted for my college graduation. This intercession gave me the priceless closure I needed to heal and move foreward in life. Since this encounter I have gone to Darleen multiple times for guidance in areas such as realestate, marriage, career path, and for the cleansing of my own inner-demons; such as my needing to quit smoking and be more compassionate to my husband in order to better myself as a wife and mother. On a different note, I have always felt safe talking to Darleen, as she does not judge, rather she guides like a remarkable shepherd tending to her flock. Words cannot express my appreciation for all darleen has done for me and I'm confindent enough to say that I highly recommend Darleen's guidance to anyone seeking assistance in this fantastic genre known as life.

- Kelsey A.



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