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She was amazing, she even detected some health issues I had. I came out feeling so much better. You will not be dissapointed.‎

- Samina

THE BEST PSYCHIC READING I,VE EVER HAD. One hundred percent accurate on all my past and present issues. It just blew my mind out about how she picked up all my career and relationship life information. She had such a great insight and solution for my issues. I felt great peace of mind with her reading. Thanks again.

- Star K

What a wonderful 5 years it has been with Darleen Christopher. First, she told me she saw a dark skinned man in hawaii, and that she saw a wedding and a funeral?!!!! That couldn't be!! But she was right and  I married a hawaiian man and it just so happened all the relitives would be in town in July for a funeral. Then she said there might be a little baby girl coming, and that I would move to California (NO I'M NOT! I HATE CALIFORNIA!!!) Three months later my husband got a job offer he couldn't refuse and guess who spent the next six months in California? Yup.. ME! In California I got pregnant with my little girl! I love that I was able to make ammends with my step father who had passed and she knew about him and and that he called me Jinny. I always look forward to our conversations, and think she is a blessing to this world!!!

- Jennifer Coeur d' Alene Idaho

Now, for an update and feedback since my last reading with you...  I am writing you from Napa Valley, CA.  Yes, you were correct on several items.  During my last reading, you told me I would receive a call from the Coast Guard for an interview within 2-3 weeks.  I received a call to be interviewed 2-1/2 weeks later.  You said for me to focus on getting the job and moving back to CA.  You said I would be reunited with my boyfriend, Craig, and that December would be a happy time for me.  You also said the Coast Guard would help me move back to CA.  I moved back to CA in mid-December 2007 and am renting/sharing a condo with Craig.  The Coast Guard helped pay for my move and temporary storage of my household goods.  You said I will like my new job and I might come back to the Seattle area.  I was hired as an International Port Security Specialist for the Coast Guard Pacific Area, which includes all of the West Coast states (including the Seattle area) and the entire Pacific.  Occasionally, I may travel to the Seattle area for my job.  So far, I really like my job, and I am looking forward to learning more about it.  I also like the people I work with.  I will have opportunity to travel within and outside the U.S.  I thought you would appreciate the feedback.

- Joy Moeller

I saw you several times this year and everything you told me came to pass. You pinpointed the exact date things fell apart with one of my relationships, made me aware of a friend's impending breakdown, accurately specified when another friend of mine was going into boot camp - they moved up the date and he went last month like you saw instead of in January like he was originally supposed to, and you prepared me for the fact that someone who seemed important to me then would exit my life as quickly and as quirkily as they entered it.

- Sheryll Cargo, Seattle, WA

“Darleen Christopher told me about the love of my life 3 years before we got together.  She told me when I would get together with him, that he was older than me, very good looking, I had known him for some time and that he would be the love of my life”.  It was all exactly true and we just got married after 5 years together and couldn’t be happier.  Thanks Darleen! Love,

- Annie Toro.

During one of my readings, Darleen mentioned that I would be getting a new car. Well, I had recently purchased a brand new car (within the last year) and I loved it and had no plans of getting a new one anytime soon so, of course, I didn't believe it. Then I thought...I'm in the car business and surrounded by new cars everyday, maybe that is what she is picking up on? "Nope!, she says...I see you getting a new car". Well, hmmm now I'm freaking out thinking mine will soon be stolen or involved in accident and I'll need to get another one? "Nope again! as Darleen was not seeing any mishaps in my future. Well, about 4 or 5 months go by and Mercedes comes out with an employee program that not only made a new MB affordable but would reduce my current car payment by $233 per month! I would have been a fool not to take advantage of that program and just like Darleen predicted...I got a new car!! I especially love the times when I think she is way off base and am proven wrong because it confirms that I am not wasting my money on some fly-by-night psychic...Darleen is the REAL DEAL! I need another reading just so I can have another great testimony for you!! God bless!

- Karin

I've been to this lady twice over a 10 year period. I am not into psychic things and have never been a believer, my friend took me with so I did it for pure entertainment only. You can definately tell she has some true talents, some of the stuff she said to me came true, an illness she warned me about and a few other things. So, I would recommend her to anyone. She was pleasant, geniune and seems to be the real thing. She has a website too, it's

- Anonymous

She was amazing, she even detected some health issues I had. I came out feeling so much better. You will not be dissapointed.‎

- Samina

THE BEST PSYCHIC READING I,VE EVER HAD. One hundred percent accurate on all my past and present issues. It just blew my mind out about how she picked up all my career and relationship life information. She had such a great insight and solution for my issues. I felt great peace of mind with her reading. Thanks again.

- Star K

While going thru one of the most difficult times in my life I came to Darleen she has been very good at guiding me. Darleen's accuracey is some times a little unerving and it always gives me something to think about after a reading with her. Darleen has never taken advantage of me as could easily be done when someone like me who is really trying to get thru a very dfficult situation. She is warm and caring and really understands and wants to help. She really hits the nail on the head with her readings. she truly has a gift and has a really sweet spirit about her. she has a positive out look which is hard to fake, at least over time. I have been going to her for several months off and on now. I really enjoy her and she has been a great comfort and help to me.‎

- Kyle

I have been to see Darleen Christopher three times in Seattle at Pike's Market and have also had numerous phone consultations during the past four years (I live in Alaska). Darleen has such a gift to share with the world. She accurately knew that cancer was in my body, nearly a year before the doctors discovered it. She saw that I would be starting a new career with a management role that happened just a few months later. Darleen has been so helpful to me on my path of self-discovery and always leaves me with resources (books, websites, etc.) to continue to work on after we finish our readings. I love that Darleen's gift is God given and that she will pray with and for you. It's very scary to open yourself to a person that can see with clarity into your life; Darleen is so kind and genuine that it makes the times we meet as if we were life-long friends. I can't recommend her highly enough!‎

- Alaskids


- Shawn

I went in there with my roommate for an astrology reading. We both had our separate reading. She was accurate on both of our charts, our major life defining timings and offered very useful advice for our questions. I found her to be polite, detail and knowledgeable. Overall, a great experience. She would definitely be on my list to visit her again.‎

- Right ON‎‎ Byannie

I met Darleen almost 2 years ago and was immediately impressed by her insight, compassion, and kindness. My husband and I were trying to conceive for years and she assured me that it was going to happen in Nov..and twins. Well, I am happy to confirm that I am pregnant with twins this November!!! She has always been accurate and is a talented and wonderful psychic!!! I am a loyal client and will continue working with Darleen for years to come!!

- Renee, Seattle WA

Darleen is the absolute BEST! I've had 4 readings with her and each time she is right on point. Her advice is excellent and she really takes the time to hear you out and guide you to the right path. She saw a new job opportunity during one of my readings and sure enough, I was offered a new, better job within the time frame she had mentioned. She has also provided me with a great deal of insight into my past and how it comes into play now in life situations that I am currently going through. She is also able to see and tell me about people who will come into my life (whether from the past or strangers). 

Great person to talk to and listen to. She is an absolute professional who knows what she is doing and is extremely good at it. I was referred to her by a friend from school and I can say that I would recommend her 100%. 

Thank you Darleen!

- LC C. Hialeah, FL

I have been to see Darleen Christopher 4 times since I moved to Washington in 2000. Every time she did a reading for me I left feeling like I had a little more direction with my future, and although at the times of the readings I was often confused, within weeks or months after, the things Dareleen predicted unfolded before my eyes & I suddenly understood what was happening in my life. 

Besides her tuned-in accuracy, Darleen is warm and caring. She has always approached me with kindness and professionalism. Even though the topics we discuss are very personal, she somehow conveys the messages with compassion and without judgment. 

I prefer not to explain in detail every outcome of my life that Darleen has given me insight into because they were all very personal and I was able to heal and evolve from them. However, I will say when I saw her in 2009 I was newly single and had a lot of questions about several different potential future partners. I brought her pictures of the future love candidates, & she correctly pegged all of their personality traits w/out me saying anything. None of them would really be the one for me. She said that I should keep my heart open. Then later, she described a man with blue eyes and... well, a man I had never met. She told me what his ethnic background was and his name. That was back in 2009... 

This year in March 2011 I met that man. She described everything accurately about him except she left one letter out of his name (because he does have a very unique name). I have been happily dating him for 4 months. 

I have no idea how she "heard" or "saw" a man in my future that I had no knowledge of; a man I had never even met, but I think it's pretty amazing and I will be visiting Darleen again very soon as I am curious what to do about my career. 

I highly recommend Darleen Christopher if you are going through a depressed, confused, or any type of new change in your life that you are uncertain about. She is an excellent counselor and can help you figure things out.

- Christina G. Redmond, WA

I always have a great experience with Darleen. I have come to her for readings and advice many times over the years. She is very truthful and non judgmental in her delivery. Sometimes I am amazed by how accurate she is with her readings. I highly suggest a reading with her!

- Midge C.Seattle, WA

I have had the pleasure of using Darlene's services. Each time I have talked to her she has always been up beat and positive. She has given me advise that has helped greatly. She has also let me know somethings I can be excited about and to watch out for. She has helped me prepare for issues that I have had but also gives me much hope. She has been very accurate on several things. I have used several other people like Darlene but what keeps me coming back to her is her warm heart that always gives me hope for my future. While Darlene could just tell me what she thinks that I want to hear, she is very honest in what she sees whether or not it is what I want to hear. I love this about her because while I always feel hopeful after talking to her it also lets me know that I must work to get what I want and to do everything positive. I would recommend that if you are looking for the services she provides to give her a shot and you'll leave the same way I do everytime, with hope and guidence and understanding of where your life is headed.

- Angela A. Moses Lake, WA

I have been a client of Darleen's for almost 8 years now and I have always found her to be open and honest.  She has seen so many things even describing certain family members to me by name and physical description.  

She helped to guide me through a very difficult divorce and helped me to remain positive and to stay open to love again.  She has even predicted disappointment with the purchase of a car which I totally forgot she told me about until I was looking back at some of the notes I took during the reading.  

Darleen is very good and has a natural gift for sharing her insights.  There are moments when what she says to me doesn't make any sense to me and then as time passes her insights are's fantastic!!

I would highly recommend her for astrology and psychic readings, even from a distance.

- Kimmy T. Blairstown, NJ

I had needed some guidance and was considering consulting with a pyschic.  I felt a lil silly even with the thought of seeking one but I thought, why not? After searching online, Darleen's name kept popping up. It was a sign, I'm very happy I found her. When I first walked in her office, one of the first things that came to her was something that didn't make sense to me at all. She asked me if I was going to Virginia, or know a friend that lives there.  Never been there or anywhere close to there. So I had no clue where that came from. Throughout my reading, she said some things that were very accurate.  She was very compassionate, warm, and very honest.  She is someone who you can console in and there is a certain type of comfort you feel with her.  

'Anyhow, towards the end of the reading, I had a duh moment. 'Virginia', finally made so much sense to me! I work at Virginia Mason Hospital! DUH! 'Virginia' threw me off and I was totally thinking of the state when it was the most obvious duh ever. I was over thinking and lost in thought. lol. 

If you are looking for someone that can help guide you, Darleen is the one you should definitely go to. I will definitely be seeing her whenever I need help. She is amazing at what she does!

- Coconut J. Federal Way, WA

Darleen has been helping me for three years now and she is a blessing to know. Her insight is profound and when she does a reading she has the ultimate care for her clients and people in general.  She has provided guidance for me many times and has been a crucial source of support for myself and many of my family members and friends.

- A M. Seattle, WA

I first spoke with Darleen in 2005, when I was referred to her by a friend.  Since then, I have had periodic readiings over the phone.  Darleen begins all readings with focusing on the positive,  is very compassionate, and helps each person receiving the reading to feel relaxed.  She has correctly identified names of people in my life; told me about an interview and job offer, which occurred in the exact time frame that she said it would; told me the name of a place where I would purchase a home and relocate to; and has helped me with other opportunities and challenges in my life. Her readings are very accurate!  She is awesome!  I would highly recommend her for anyone who is interested in receiving a reading.

- RJ E. American Canyon, CA

Darleen is not only fun to meet with but shockingly accurate. She even gave me a name of someone who was to come into my life and, though I thought nothing of it at the time, several months later I realized that I was in fact dating someone with the name she had given me. It is so easy to schedule and appt for 1/2 hour or an hour and she is also willing and able to do readings over the phone. If you want to have a real reading, go see Darleen. You won't be disappointed!

- Amanda S.

Darleen is awesome.  I found this place one a house hunting trip to Seattle.  I've gone to her three times now and every time she has been able to get to the root of things and hit things right on the head.  Darleen is the real deal.  I highly recommend her.

- Keysha P. Seattle

There are a lot of people out there calling themselves psychic. Darlene Christopher is the real deal. She might not tell you what you want to hear but that is not her job. If you want someone to lie to you and give you false hope and misleading information then you need to look elsewhere. Darlene is a true psychic with integrity and an amazing gift. Her readings have helped me achieve clarity and accept situations that are difficult  while remaining centered and focused on the big picture. I recommend consulting Darlene for a reading when you are ready to be truly enlightened and inspired. You will not be disappointed! Take copious notes...when you look back over them you will be a believer for life in this woman's incredible gift.

- Christina S., Eastsound, WA

Absolutely amazing experience!  I was not a believer when I went in but I am now.  I plan on going back in a few months.  She saw things that no one could know without having a special calling.  It was breathtaking at times how right she was even with dates, names, and specific examples!  I plan on going back and would recommend her to anyone!

- Janelle C

I have been seeing Darlene for almost 7 years. I try to see her once, if not twice a year. She is unlike any other reader I have heard of. She is so in tuned with herself and her surroundings. It is a blessing to actually have a chance to sit down and chat with her. She is so sincere and passionate about what she does, that you can only feel the same after one reading with her. This last time, a few weeks ago I had an hour reading with her again, and she instantly knew the two biggest concerns i wanted to know about before even really getting started. Which one was about my job. She told me that i was going to be looking and getting a new job in the next few months. I was a little caught off guard, because I wasn't thinking about even looking or leaving my job at the time. Last week, however, I was fed up with my work and was offered a new position almost instantly with an amazing opportunity in Seattle with a great company. I went with my best friend and we took turns listening to one another's readings but took notes too. So that we can look back and remember everything that Darlene told us. She gives peace of mind with out even trying. I HIGHLY recommend going to see Darlene for any healing you might need or think you might need. She is incomparable to anyone else!

- Meshelle A.Lakewood, WA

Darlene is warm, caring and a consummate professional. I was referred to her by a coworker in the Seattle area so I do phone readings with her.  She is incredible! She told me the name of someone that came up in my reading and the next day, I was contacted by the person whose name she saw. She has been extremely helpful in guiding me along the right path in both personal and business relationships. Her insight is invaluable!

- Michelle B.
 Austin, TX

Darlene is amazing.  I saw her about two weeks ago after a coworker of mine repeatedly praised her.  I had been to Tarot card readers before and had a brief $5.00 reading at a "Psychic Fair." This was my first time ever having such an extensive reading.  She read my chart and did a tarot spread as well as talked to spirits.  She asked me about things that were so relevant to my life and I kept getting chills.  I barely told her any information and she guessed exactly who was in my family and our dynamics.  I truly believe that she is one of those rare people who truly has a gift and knows how to tap into it.  She gave me tangible advice and references that have greatly added to my life.  I have told so many people about my experience.

- Laura E.
 Seattle, WA



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