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Darleen has the ability to see people who influence one’s life. She is truly an empath to your soul.

- Yvonne Rose, Bellingham, WA

Darleen Christopher is truly an amazing and talented tarot, palm reader and psychic. Her abilities to reach through to the heart of people from a widely diverse background lends to her gift and talent even further. Darleen has worked with our company for the past eight years in producing spectacular entertainment at a variety of events, reaching out to people of all ages and serving to understand the needs of our clients. Darleen's professional approach in our industry is both unique and uplifting. She presents herself with grace and enthusiasm for each individual she approaches - a rare and outstanding quality. The entertainment value combined with her excellence in knowledge of psychic ability, palmistry and tarot lends to our absolute highest recommendation for Darleen Christopher.

- Marcia Evans, President, Northwest Events and Parties

I have been a client of Darleen’s for over six years. I have used Darleen’s services for my personal relationships as well as business. I also utilized her for my 30th birthday party, which was a huge success. Darleen is a great tool for me not only for sifting through the current issues but also for my long-term spiritual well being. I appreciate Darleen’s candor and kindness. I have and continue to refer many people to her. I would never hesitate to give her a glowing recommendation.

- LFM, Seattle, WA

Darleen Christopher is one of the most talented clairvoyants that I have ever known. I have consulted her several times in the past 7 years during the most crucial moments. She has consistently provided me with deeply insightful information. For example, while going thorough my divorce in March 99, I was experiencing a lot of turmoil trying to find a job. Darleen clearly saw that I would be going to school in September. My mind could not comprehend that possibility because of my Ego, with all its fears (especially financial) was dominating my decision-making processes. At the end of August, however, I fell in love with a local massage and bodywork school and was enrolled as a full-time student. I believe that Darleen skillfully and accurately tuned into the desires of my higher self to find my life's work my dharma, rather than just my Ego's goal to find a job to pay the bills. Darleen's reading revealed the yearnings of my soul that I was not able to assimilate or integrate into my consciousness on my own. Each and every session with Darleen continues to provide Life-Transforming and Soul Evolving information and energy -- she truly is an extremely gifted psychic!!!

- Mina Lim-Jardon, Reno, NV

I saw you on February 7th and you've made me a true believer of your psychic gifts - you told me that something would happen on March 13th to make or break my relationship with a man named Charles, and you were right.

- Sheryl, Seattle, WA

Darleen is a gifted reader who has amazed me one time after another. She surprised me with her reading accuracy and I like talking to her because she appears to be an honest and caring individual. Give her a call and find out for yourself.

- PYT, 12/04

Darleen Christopher is truly amazing. The first time I had her read for me was when I was visiting in Seattle; I just happened to come across her shop and said why not. She floored me with the first thing she said, she knew who my sister was (her name) and what was going on between us at that time. I have since called her back and she has read for me about four times. A lot of people say that when you have someone read for you that you then control what is going to happen, you make it happen. Well she told me stuff that was going to happen to someone I knew but with another person, something totally out of my control and it happened. I strongly recommend people to have a reading done by her, she is once again, truly AMAZING! She has also helped me put a lot of things into perspective that I couldn’t for myself. Thank you Darleen. You are awesome.

- Selena Kessler, New York, NY

I met Darleen back in 1998 and she is the only psychic counselor I can rely on. She helped me cope with tragedies and shared my triumphs as if they were personal to her. She is very accurate, and she is always there when you need her. She is kind, humorous and has a very gentle spirit when you are caught up in the worst storm imaginable. She is grounded and always positive. I would recommend her gifts to anyone who wants to be enlightened and gently guided to their destiny. I would rate her a 20 on a scale of one to ten. Thanks Darleen, and may God always keep blessing you.

- Stacealisa Oliver, Atlanta, GA

Darleen has a gift that should be shared with people all over the world who need her insight, honesty and understanding. What a joy to find someone who has such gifts and uses them with such grace. Whenever I am troubled, I always give her a call. She is always there for me. She doesn't tell me what I want to hear, but always tells me the way things are. I highly recommend talking to her for insight into any questions you may have regarding any and all issues in your life. I know I will!

- Ruth Sarmiento, Seattle, WA

Counseling with Darleen has helped me understand the flow of the universe. This in turn has brought me inner peace. I am now a more effective Captain, a better martial artist and most importantly a better father. Darleen's insight and knowledge of astrology has been very helpful in the single parent-dating world. I have had much more success in attracting outstanding women. Darleen's insight helps weed out the inappropriate ones. I feel so highly of Darleen's talents that I had my children meet with her.

- Edward Barrett, Captain, American Airlines, NJ

Darleen, you have opened a new chapter in my life. Stumbling upon your shop at the market was not a coincidence, it was the end to my very long search to find and connect with my spiritual soul. The way you read me today, and the things that you taught me about myself, my relationship, and the challenges I face are nothing short of a spiritual gift from God. I left your reading with a clear vision of who I am, where I am going in my life with family, friends, and love - and most importantly, what I need to do and change within me to get to that place where peace, happiness and love will finally be mine. The greatest gift we can give someone is a gift of the heart - thank you for the gift you gave me today.

- Cindy Kartes, Seattle, WA

Darleen is not your stereotypical psychic. I don't know what I expected prior to meeting her, but it was nothing like what she has brought to my life. I was raised with such fear around the issue of intuitives, but Darleen has always provided me with such a positive and secure place to learn and receive each time we have read together. Her insight and compassion comes from a place that I can only hope to reach myself. I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and the world beyond what we can see with our human limitations to call Darleen and experience it for yourself. It is worth every penny!

- SecretAgentCM in Seattle, WA

In 1997, I feel as though I had an Angel by my side when my path led me to my first reading with Darleen. Over the years, she has consistently and accurately provided me with amazing insight and spiritual counseling. Darleen has a very altruist and caring demeanor and I believe the Universe has put her in the perfect position to express her messages of harmony, peace, love, healing, and guidance to whoever is willing to open their heart to listen. I have referred many of my friends and family to her and will continue to do so... she is truly a very special and talented lady.

- Angela M., San Diego, CA

I'd never even met this woman and was, as you can imagine, extreeeeemely skeptical. However, my best friend met her in person while up in Seattle and assured me that I would be blown away, and I was. I continue to utilize her talents on a regular basis because of the accuracy of her readings - she is truly amazing! I say talents because I feel that she has mastered the art of psychic reading but I think a more appropriate word would be gift because that is the only explanation for what I have witnessed with Darleen. I have often challenged her information only to find out that I'm the one who is wrong. That is why I keep calling her back!

- Karen Hoffman

You have very special gift and through that gift you've given me hope and light! I got the job with the pharmaceutical company and officially starting mid- Sept, they will be giving me a new car, and my manager's name is Michael. You saw all of that for me.

- Kim Tannis, NJ

HIGHLY recommend Darleen. She is very friendly and easy to talk to, but you don't have to say anything if you don't want. She'll just tell you what she sees, which is a truly remarkable amount. She's very kind even while revealing the challenges you face. I am definitely looking forward to calling her again.

- Sylvie Hendricks

I have been a devoted client to Darleen for over 10 years. She is a powerful, heartwarming and down to earth person. I’m on the East Coast so my readings are facilitated by phone. I always feel as if I'm in the same room with her. She has the ability to read my feeling through as well as her outstanding and accurate psychic ability to interpret her cards. She is incredibly insightful to present, past and future. Darleen can channel another person by giving her a full name. I ask Darleen a direct question and I receive a direct answer. This has kept me a loyal client. Her readings leave me feeling concealed and always directed back on track. More importantly I'm satisfied that I received the answers to my questions I called her with. She has never been vague only direct and insightful with her answers and overall reading. I've had my astrological charts done and she has interpretive them with much skill. I ask her about love, marriage, law, children, sex, career, friends, family, strangers, and even world politics. Darleen has a great sense of humor and healthy outlook on life, which lifts me up from the cynic that I tend to be. I really love that about her. She has recommended great books to me through out the years that have been very helpful for that time in my life and my life's path. In closing Darleen is a genuine person and never judgmental. She is authentic and an intelligent psychic.

- Love and Light, Lucienne Passaro, NY 12/04

Darleen is wonderful! So accurate and non-judgmental. Says even difficult things in a very kind and giving way. She's always right on the money! I highly recommend this psychic!!

- Lisa Pierce, Seattle, WA

While I have used Darleen's gift of Tarot Readings several times before, one reading in particular made me a true believer. She had told me that my mother was ill and described all of her ailments such as kidney problems, headaches, backaches, low energy, tightening of the jaw, etc. In the meantime my mother was going through a very stressful time so we attributed all of these symptoms to stress. Finally she decided to go to the doctor for a checkup and needless to say she had been bitten by a tick and had contracted Lymes disease. After a regular dose of medicine she is fine, but I got chills of how accurate Darleen was in regards to my mother's health.

- Esther Larson, Seattle, WA

WHAT A BRILLIANT READER!! WOW!! Would you believe that in only 15 minutes she picked so many different things up and gave specific qualities and descriptions of both people and events! Truly AMAZING!!!

- Keen Member 91313327

Completely wonderful. This lady is sooooo intuned and sees in great depth what is happening! I was blown away by her clarity and unbelievably accurate insight! I would happily and strongly encourage ALL SEEKERS to call Darleen. I promise that you will have an incredible and enlightening experience. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF MY READING WITH HER!!!

- Keen Member 96424860

She knew things about me that no one else could possibly tune into. Very great at tuning into internal deep stuff. A must call, you will not be disappointed!!!!!!

- Keen Member Wonder 200233

You were so detailed and so wonderful to speak with. I really appreciated your quickness and your ability to pick up on many details. I also appreciated the fact that you were so positive and spoke it all the time. Thanks a Million and I will be in touch.

- Ana McReynolds

EXCELLENT. Very perceptive and offers wonderful advice. My time with Darleen was quite helpful and very informative. I would rank her in the Top 10. I appreciate all of your help!

- Pak

You totally gave me a shiver. Joe HAS BLONDE SPIKY HAIR! I've never doubted your abilities, but WOW, you hit that on the nose!

- Stacey Gregory, Grandview, MO

Takes things to a very in-depth spiritual level. She was right on the money with descriptions of people. I hope we can keep talking so I can develop like you were mentioning.

- Keen Member Diana100


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