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Honestly, I'm not really a fan of any mystery stuffs or psychic reading, and really skeptical. However, Darleen has changed my opinions completely. She's just so great and so knowledgeable about what she's doing and going to tell you. I'd gone to another psychic before Darleen, and it drove me crazy with a lot of nonsense stuffs I've never thought about ... but darleen is different she's telling you whatever she know and see ( even point out exactly my situation)

- Elaine N. Seattle, WA

I have been seeing Darleen since I was SIXTEEN years old and have nothing but love for this woman. I found her through my straight-laced, former Navy pilot father, who was not a believer until he spoke with her. Whatever "Amanda C" experienced is a result of her own lack of self-awareness and huge ego. Anything Darleen has told me has been nothing but helpful, accurate and kind-hearted. Anyone can argue that a psychic is vague when they are trying to give you ideas of how to approach a situation or a career or whatever else arises, but this is COUNSELING, a place to make decisions for your life and her input is incredibly helpful and comforting. Most of her suggestions are things you wouldn't think of yourself, or in Amanda's case, her inability to look past her ego and secret motives (promoting her boyfriend's business). When I had one of my first readings from her, she told me that I would be good at massage, and at the age of 17, coming form an area of the country that doesn't look at massage as much of a career, I scoffed and forgot about it. Five years later, this is what I am doing. I hadn't given it a second thought until I went through some notes I took during our session with that suggestion written down- this was several months after I'd begun massage school. She has seen countless things, described in great detail, that have come to fruition in my life- where I'll live, who I date/am dating, trips, etc. Yes, she does have a computer program, but it is incredibly detailed and only relies on it to see your chart and makes her own interpretations from it. Most of her reading is traditional tarot and I have yet to find anyone who gives a more spot-on reading. She sent me my full report (free of charge) with 64+ pages of analysis. Now if that is from a "free website" I would like to know where I can find that. And as for her running late, that is a part of life. Especially in a business where people can really be struggling and needing the extra time that she so willingly gives- often without charging you more. If you have the attitude that your time or crisis is more important than someone else's then you deserve your shortened appointment. Darleen is an amazing psychic and a kind hearted person, and I have yet to meet any others that exceed the experience she gives. She is well worth your money and time.

- Kelly B.Portland, OR

Darlene is the real deal. Went to her a little while back after a spiritual awakening and she was on point with everything she was saying from my personal family life to future goals and aspirations. Don't go into this expecting her to tell you where to go or what to do. That's for you to decide. Amanda C. be trippin y 'all

Can't wait to pay you another visit Darlene :)

- Dee N. Everett, WA

I met Darleen by chance walking by Pike Place Market and I am glad we met. Darleen is a compassionated down to earth woman with a beautiful gift. We have had two sessions, one 6 months ago and another one this week. In both cases I was very quiet as I am a bit of an skeptic and rather wanted to let her talk in order not to bias her. She was very accurate the first time, even mentioning names of businesses I would deal with, in countries I never visited before, warning me about a future partnership and what to focus on. The second time she had the right intuition on what to say while reading the Tarot and looking at my astrological chart. I did not ask for the astrologic reading as I had that one done for me few weeks ago by a very good astrologer, yet her assessment was exactly the same (no surprise as both read the same chart I guess). Her intuitive reading of the business situation I am facing and even her mention of specific company names and people name was very accurate. English is not my first language as I am from Europe and she made sure she explained herself fully. A pleasant experience for sure.

- Luisinho B.Kirkland, WA

Darlene is amazing.  I saw her about two weeks ago after a coworker of mine repeatedly praised her.  I had been to Tarot card readers before and had a brief $5.00 reading at a "Psychic Fair." This was my first time ever having such an extensive reading.  She read my chart and did a tarot spread as well as talked to spirits.  She asked me about things that were so relevant to my life and I kept getting chills.  I barely told her any information and she guessed exactly who was in my family and our dynamics.  I truly believe that she is one of those rare people who truly has a gift and knows how to tap into it.  She gave me tangible advice and references that have greatly added to my life.  I have told so many people about my experience.

- Laura E.Seattle, WA

I just had my 3rd reading with Darleen and to say the least, I am amazed. As a licensed, practicing astrologer and psychic myself, I am here to say that Darleen is a world class astrologer. 

I chat with astrologers a few times a year to gain fresh perspectives on my chart and to see what techniques other astrologers use during their consultations. 

I have never chatted with an astrologer better with relationships than Darleen. As I previously mentioned, the way she uses asteroids in synastry (relationships) is incredibly accurate, insightful and original. She was able to help me see things regarding an acquaintance in a healing and very helpful way. The insights she gave me using asteroids were amazing. 

During our phone reading we focused on astrology per my request. She did offer some psychic suggestions regarding my daughter that were very useful and very accurate. 

Darleen also mentioned she is in the process of writing a book on asteroids in relationships and I can't wait to buy it!!!

There is a woman who wrote a review about Darleen that sounds pretty comical. She mentioned that Darleen uses the astrolabe website for her information. I want to say that the astrolabe website only uses canned transit definitions and I highly doubt Darleen did anything of the sort. It would have been impossible for her to mention what she did using canned interpretations. She said she uses a MAC so she is probably using Time Cycles or Time Passages software. Calculating astrology charts by hand is very time consuming so practically all astrologers now use the computer to make all astrological charts. It's a necessity to nowadays. I don't believe the claim that Darleen uses the astrolabe website at all. 

I found Darleen to be helpful, sincere and inspiring. I hope she gets her book out soon!

- Matt H.Las Vegas, NV

I was getting so stressed out with my life last week.  After debating to go see Darleen or not, I decided to give it a try.  It was my first visit to her and it was a good decision for me.  The first couple of things she told me before I said anything besides my name - were those back in my mind all week long.  With her cards and what she saw about me made me feel much much better and calmer.  I felt positive about myself and my life immediately.  She added some extra things in the future with more detailed information so I'm really looking for if those things happen.  I had seen energy people in last couple of years and what Darleen said was fit with others in general, though she had more spices I would say.  She is sincere and talks positive.  I will go back to Darleen again when I need some help or just curious about myself and surroundings!

- Jupiter V, Bellevue, WA

I have been going to Darlene for many years and it's because she never disappointed me. I have consulted with other psychics before I met Darlene and she has made a difference in my life like no other psychics I've seen. Darlene's approach is to release the negativity and bring enlightenment to situations that were bothersome to me. She is not only accurate about what is currently going on with my relationships but also the future I am about to experience. I often times can't see the value of her warnings of what is to happen until I actually experienced them months after I saw her.  In the many years I have seen Darlene, she has only used her computer with me once since I prefer tarot than astrology. She also uses her spritual connection to get a good sense of people and situations that I share with her and her response/advice have always been impressive. I think she is the best and she has become a big part of my life. Thanks Darlene for all your help

- Ginny M. Lynnwood, WA

Met Darleen briefly in Pikes Market 8 yrs ago, but short on time, needed to schedule a phone reading at a later date. After the initial phone reading I was hooked & have called several times over the years.  All I can say is  Darleen is AMAZING. She nails it. Whether it be relationships, Job, Finances, family that has crossed over, events coming up ~ Oh my gosh, direct hit every time & more than you expect.  I highly recommend her  & look forward one day to a visit to her shop. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

- Kim S .

I met Darleen when I was walking around Pike Place market in 2006 I think.  I had no idea what I was in for - nothing short of the most amazing reading a person could give.  What I love most about her readings is that she doesn't give you what you want to hear, she gives it to you right.  I mean, I believe in truth, and doing the right things for ourselves and to others.  And forgiveness - so all important.  Those are the things that are most helpful in Darleen's readings.  Then there's her mind boggling clairvoyance.  Or how she can tune in to your body and know what hurts where - without even seeing you.  I don't live in Seattle anymore, but I still consult with Darleen over the years and she has definitely helped me grow in the ways that I am trying to grow.  I absolutely love this Wonder Woman.  She rules.  

If you're around Pike Place Market then make an appointment!  Or if you aren't - give her a call.  My best friend who lives in Florida also has spoken with her a few times over the years, as well as some family members of hers.

- Anonymous

Darlene is excellent! Both my partner and I have seen Darlene for nearly six years now and we have always had a good experience.  Darlene is in tune with her psychic energy and pulls from her intuition throughout the readings.  We both share the impression that she clearly has a natural, innate gift.  She is a positive uplifting soul. Another poster said something about Darlene being late, but I appreciate that she does not rely on our human-made time system and more on the internal natural life rhythms.  She works to shed light on personal issues and questions and takes the time to answer them completely.  I deeply appreciate her as a person and respect her profound talents as a psychic.

- S.E. Seattle

I just had an astrology reading done by Darleen and was most impressed.   Wow, she didn't even have to use a computer when I gave my exact information, date and time she just went right into it.  Now that is one incredibile astrologer with a gift of accuracy.  With so many choices out there, I picked Darleen from a few I looked at including the reviews from this site which made me pick her all the more!!  People that question the authority of a gift makes me question the reader even more and wanted to go with Darleen and glad I did.  People have to realize that not everyone will get a "connection" with a reader and that's ok but you have to trust your inner gut and felt that sweet, loving connection with Darleen.  Plus she was spot on with my reading.  I went in without any specifics but just needed to confirm what I thought I already knew and indeed she did.  Thank you Darleen for your incredible gift.

- CC Seattle, WA

I had a reading today with Darleen, and I thought she was phenomenal.  We started off with a rolling of the rune (?) dice, and then she did my cards and my astrological chart.  I watched her do the chart, and it was very obvious she was not using a website as other reviews have said.  

She was able to really pull things from my life and ask very specific and insightful questions regarding what she saw in the tarot cards and on my chart.  I could not recommend her more.  My boyfriend's mother had a reading after mine, and she was also very pleased and impressed with her reading.  I would not hesitate to come back to Darleen, I thought she was absolutely fantastic.

- Jillian Z, North Dartmouth, MA

I have been working with Darleen via phone for over 10 years after living in Seattle and meeting her in person where she read my palms and I was blown away.  She also has been reading for my husband for 8 years.  I refer many of my friends who are like me and have been around the block or two with psychics.  We keep working with Darleen because all of the help and wonderful guidance that she gives us.  She started with reading my palms, and now that I live in Miami she reads my astrology and tarot  which every time I am amazed at how accurate she is!!!  She has a strong following and can be hard to get an appointment- so book ahead of time! I read the other review in April and I have no idea where that lady comes off saying ALL that -which is clearly not true.  Darleen has been born into this talent and has a space in Pike's Place Market clearly because of this!
You be the judge though, call and she will amaze you :)

- Heather K, Miami, FL

Met Darleen briefly in Pikes Market 8 yrs ago, but short on time, needed to schedule a phone reading at a later date. After the initial phone reading I was hooked & have called several times over the years.  All I can say is  Darleen is AMAZING. She nails it. Whether it be relationships, Job, Finances, family that has crossed over, events coming up ~ Oh my gosh, direct hit every time & more than you expect.  I highly recommend her  & look forward one day to a visit to her shop. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

- Kim S.

I saw Darleen a couple of days ago and I am truly lucky I did.  I found Darleen to be everything I've been looking for in a spiritual counselor and clairvoyant.  I have had many readings by  several psychics and they all pale in comparison to Darleen.  For some reason, previous spiritual counselors have instilled fear in me (about the future, the need to make a change, and about family curses) but not Darleen.  Her energy was gentle and her reading was precise.  I was amazed during the reading about how accurate she was about my current I am even more amazed since one of her predictions came true.  It's awesome to have instant confirmation.  I still get chills that Darleen has this incredible gift and is able to help people with it.  

I was definitely meant to meet Darleen and hear her words...truly blessed.  I only wish that I lived in Seattle so that I could see her on regular basis.   I guess phone readings will have to do for now~  I can't say it enough, my encounter with Darleen will last a lifetime.  She's definitely worth seeing or contacting!

- Eun-Mi A.Baltimore, MD

I live outside of Washington state and found Darleen Christopher in Pike Place market while visiting the area with my sister six years ago.  We both had amazing readings...she is am empath, so was quickly and correctly able to KNOW things about my health immediately.  

Since that first reading, I have had at least a dozen consultations over the phone and two more in person.  She has been so helpful to me in all areas of my life.  One of the most amazing things she knew before the doctors was that I had skin cancer.  I trust her gift implicitly.  

Darleen shares her knowledge with those that choose to embrace it and I am thankful that there is someone like her with integrity, honesty and character.  I believe that there are people that have psychic abilities and use them with the highest good for all people.  I've been to and talked to enough people that claim to be psychics that I feel I can speak on behalf of her God inspired and given talent.  

I really dislike public forums like this, because it gives any nut job with an axe to grind a place to impugn the integrity of someone good.  Please consider seeing Darleen...she is truly one of Seattle's jewels.

- Kathryn M. Fairbanks, AK

Meeting Darleen was one of the most special surprises I've had in a long time!!!  I actually only went to support my sister, who was meeting with Darleen, but then thought I'd meet with her as well. Darleen's sincere, friendly, calming energy was very refreshing.  I instantly felt as though I was talking to a friend.  She was VERY accurate with her information.  I gained a lot of insight and reassurance on situations that I had been dealing with.  Also, she told me about a job that would start in September and I am happy to say I just received confirmation on my dream job that will indeed start in September!  She certainly has a gift but more importantly, she has the right intentions to help and guide those that may need it.

- Haley A. Baltimore City, MD

I have been coming to Darlene for years and she has provided me with amazing guidance and direction in all of the important events in my life.  From the first reading I had with her back in 2004, I was amazed by her insight and the level of detail that she knew about my life and my circumstances.  Over the years I have found myself consulting with her whenever I feel confused about a relationship or situation in my life.  Time and time again she has proven herself to be very accurate in her readings.  Several times during a reading she will tell me something will happen (relationship change, job change, etc.) and I am not convinced this is true because at the time I don't see how it would happen. However, in the next few months what she has predicted happens time and time again and because of that she has made me a believer!   One of the things I value about Darlene the most is how I feel so comfortable talking with her, that I feel like I am speaking to an old friend.  Her delivery is very tactful in dealing with sensitive topics that are very personal to me. I've grown to trust Darlene and her readings and highly recommend her to anyone!

- Jennifer J, Seattle

I want to share my experience with Darleen because it was nothing short of amazing.  I stumbled upon her while on vacation with my girlfriend in Seattle.  I thought it would be entertaining for my girlfriend to experience her first reading. Darleen did a joint reading that was very intense, surprising, honest, and eye-opening.  She instantly connected with us and read things that we never even saw coming.  The fact is that she helped prepare us for a very difficult situation we were about to face and I'm sure that her insight helped us immensely.  My girlfriend and I will be back in Seattle and hopefully Darleen can continue to provide such impactful guidance for us.

Thanks for everything Darleen,
Two very appreciative customers.

- Steve S. Arlington, VA

I met Darlene 2 years ago during a very difficult time in my life. I have sought the services of clairvoyantly gifted people for many years, which some consider strange since I hold science and medical degrees. I was raised to accept that we all have gifts that can't be explained by "science", and I have met people who would believe they have a clairvoyant gift, and those who really do. The first time I met her at a party, I was holding my friend's hand when Darlene stated she wanted to talk to the one of us who had a medical device implant, my friend didn't even know I have a neurostimulator (very rare) implanted in my spine, because I don't like to talk about it. When I stepped forward, she STATED that I had to get my boyfriend to stop drinking and driving, he was going to die in an alcohol related accident soon, if he kept up his behaviour. She also STATED he was quite a bit older than I was, which I confirmed. She stated he was a chronic alcoholic, and his drinking had lead to him hurting me. This was all true, and I never told anyone. A couple days before, he had told me he had been pulled over twice for potential DUI's in 5 days, but manipulated both officers into believing he was just sleep deprived. I was contemplating leaving him, but was having a hard time because I loved him. I had needed to talk to somebody, but was bottling up a lot of emotions. I never offer any information to people I seek this type of service from, and Darlene proved within 5 minutes she was truly gifted. Her insight and advice was free, so there was no motivation to deceive me. She gave me a reading using tarot cards, which ended up being very helpful over the next month. I told my boyfriend about her warning, and everything she knew, and he stopped drinking and driving. Eventually he stopped drinking, but I had to leave him and accept that he wouldn't choose me over the alcohol, or stop drinking if I gave him an ultimatum. He chose to stop drinking for other reasons, and even though it was a year later, he did stop drinking. I later visited her in person, and have consulted several times by phone, and she does use software to look at astrology charts, along with tarot cards, but she has an innate gift that I would never question. The outright "predictions" she has made have come true, and when she provides guidance, if I follow her advice, the outcome has been good, when I have gone directly against her advice, because I didn't like what she had to say, the situation at hand did not resolve positively or at all. Just because you don't like what a psychic has to say, is not a reason to bad mouth them or insist on a refund. If your therapist calls you out on your behavior, or tells you that your relationship will fail, nobody refuses to pay their bill or make resentful statements all over the web, right? The fact that she tells me things I don't want to hear, actually gives her more validity. In fact, my therapist started seeing her! She has always been kind, attentive, and anything but rushed. The quality of her readings are just as good by phone, as in person. My recent phone reading was amazing. She was able to describe the physical and emotional characteristics of the persons I was pondering decisions over, which is when I told her who was on my mind. She told me my current relationship was going to end the next day, which was surprising, but true. Because of my reading, I didn't stress about it because I know my journey didn't include him, it is with someone else. My life is very complicated in every aspect right now, and nobody would ever be able to guess details that Darlene is able to see clearly. There are a lot of people out there who do a decent job at reading tarot cards, and astrologers who can tell you the basic characteristics of your chart, but I have met very few people who have the gift of true clairvoyance. Darlene has a true gift, and anyone who would accuse her of being a fraud, I would challenge to let a third party attend a reading and bear witness to the truth Darlene shows to you. My best friend saw her recently, and was also absolutely amazed by Darlene.

- Stephanie C, Seattle WA

I've been seeing Darleen for years. She helped me through an extremely rough transition in my life (opening a business, divorce & moving out-of-state). She has told me things that I have altered my perspective for the better, but she also shared some hard truths I definitely didn't want to hear at the time. Hearing them might have felt scary, but I became very glad that she could see beyond & intuit things so I could move forward without stagnation. I gain a lot from my appointments with her.

- Katie D Los Angeles

I saw Darlene in-person last year and the information in the reading was detailed and accurate.  I had a phone reading with her this year and she was able to intuit the dynamics of my life well.  I like Darlene's positive energy and felt safe discussing my life with her.  Thank you Darlene for the work you do in assisting others.  

- Shelina M. Vancouver B.C.

I've seen Darleen more than a couple times now and each time I've seen her in Pike Place she has been insanely accurate. I've visited various tarot card readers and psychics, but she is the only person I've come across who is the real deal. Her psychic gift is truly a gift, she is intuitive, personable, and comes off very compassionate. She tells you not what you need to hear, but really how things are and how they could be.

Each time she has done my reading, she'll throw little questions in, like "are you buying a car?", or "does Arizona ring a bell?, I keep seeing Arizona with you". Later on I'll look back days later and relate her questions directly into my life- an "ahhh" moment. When I walked in the door she immediately asked if I was into ghosts, I told her about how I've been thinking I've felt presences in my room. My very first reading with her she told me I'd meet someone and even gave me a month, (correct) and she told me that a guy I was interested in would only result in friendship(correct). A year later I can look back and see how eerily but amazingly accurate she was. Her thoughts, predictions, and guidance are one of a kind. I consider her a personal spiritual guide, and I go whenever I need clarity.

If you are open enough to see a psychic and take the positive message she gives to her clients, then you won't regret going- I haven't. As far as Astrolabe, I'm not sure what some other clients have seen as she did my astrological chart too but she had her computer facing me the whole time was and pointing out and explaining planet positions. I believe the program was something more professional than astrolabe, and Darleen is so naturally intuitive that she seems beyond technology; her readings are so organic. She was constantly flipping over tarot cards and listening and guiding, it's an experience for any one who desires greater awareness.

Best psychic in Seattle, if that is what you're seeking, you will find it in Christopher's Lamp.

- Alicia S.

This has been a profound and insightful experience for me. Her reading was very accurate, deep, and allowed me to see things that I have been trying to avoid or escape. More than what she read, it was her presence and prayer that gave me a lot of energy immediately which helped me tremendously. Thanks a lot Darleen - You really made a big change in my life!

- NVL Sateesh, Hyderabad, India

Darleen is highly introspective and compassionate in healing and guiding us through our life journey. She is very accurate and insightful. Much of her predictions have come true.

- Caroline T, Seattle, WA

Darleen Christopher is truly an amazing and talented tarot, palm reader and psychic. Her abilities to reach through to the heart of people from a widely diverse background lends to her gift and talent even further. Darleen has worked with our company for the past eight years in producing spectacular entertainment at a variety of events, reaching out to people of all ages and serving to understand the needs of our clients. Darleen's professional approach in our industry is both unique and uplifting. She presents herself with grace and enthusiasm for each individual she approaches - a rare and outstanding quality. The entertainment value combined with her excellence in knowledge of psychic ability, palmistry and tarot lends to our absolute highest recommendation for Darleen Christopher.

- Marcia Evans, President, Northwest Events and Parties

I have been a client of Darleen’s for over six years. I have used Darleen’s services for my personal relationships as well as business. I also utilized her for my 30th birthday party, which was a huge success. Darleen is a great tool for me not only for sifting through the current issues but also for my long-term spiritual well being. I appreciate Darleen’s candor and kindness. I have and continue to refer many people to her. I would never hesitate to give her a glowing recommendation.

- LFM, Seattle, WA

My first encounter with Darleen was when I visited Seattle's Famous Pike Place Market. There she did a palm reading for a friend and for myself. Things she told me just by looking at my palms were incredible! Everything she described was very accurate with the circumstances in my life. Amazing! I have also called upon her for many phone consultations and have been blown away by her accuracy! I strongly recommend Darleen for any of your needs. She is a very kind and intuitive person. You don't even really have to ask anything because she already sees it!

- Shelly, Anchorage, AK

Darleen Christopher is one of the most talented clairvoyants that I have ever known. I have consulted her several times in the past 7 years during the most crucial moments. She has consistently provided me with deeply insightful information. For example, while going thorough my divorce in March 99, I was experiencing a lot of turmoil trying to find a job. Darleen clearly saw that I would be going to school in September. My mind could not comprehend that possibility because of my Ego, with all its fears (especially financial) was dominating my decision-making processes. At the end of August, however, I fell in love with a local massage and bodywork school and was enrolled as a full-time student. I believe that Darleen skillfully and accurately tuned into the desires of my higher self to find my life's work my dharma, rather than just my Ego's goal to find a job to pay the bills. Darleen's reading revealed the yearnings of my soul that I was not able to assimilate or integrate into my consciousness on my own. Each and every session with Darleen continues to provide Life-Transforming and Soul Evolving information and energy -- she truly is an extremely gifted psychic!!!

- Mina Lim-Jardon, Reno, NV



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